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Tribal Brand Clothing - A Unique Branded Style | About Finchitua

Finchitua is an edgy, modern streetwear brand  featuring designs inspired by tribal Ethiopia.

The label’s name derives from the Ethiopian word ‘finchit’ which means ‘the girl with a gap between her teeth’ - like the label itself, a ‘finchit’ is unique, distinctly African and considered a mark of beauty for the bearer.

Our Tribal Streetwear Fashion Collections

We offer three main lines:


AfroRetro is an African infused denim streetwear collection. This tribal brand clothing line includes one-of-a-kind jackets, décolletage shirts, and asymmetrical tees for women and men. The line is popular with dynamic, young, urbanists who love fashion.

Little Black Dress

LBD by Finchitua is an ultra-sophisticated collection of Little Black Dresses. The line refashions classic LBDs from the 1900’s to present day with an unmistakable Finchitua twist. The collection is perfect for the office, cocktail parties and evening wear.


Bahilawi is a white cotton collection influenced by traditional Ethiopian clothes. The range includes boho style short and long dresses and bisht with Ethiopian embroidery. Bahilawi is great for a hippie chic look, or as a modest cover up.


Signature is a premium made-to-order collection of gowns and dresses. It’s ideal for that special occasion like a ballroom dance and gala dinner. The line is popular with discerning style savvy women who aim to dress and impress. 

About Feiruza

Feiruza Mudessir

Feiruza's unique style blends traditional Ethiopian fabrics with a distinctively modern flair, resulting in refreshing pieces aimed at style savvy women looking for an edgy look.

Born in Ethiopia, the daughter of former tailor got her first taste of design and fashion as a child. She started experimenting with natural materials like wicker and dried flowers which she would decorate with coloured paints. At a young age, Feiruza discovered her curiosity to mix the traditional with contemporary and this has become the trademark of her designs today.

After spending few years of her high school life in India, Feiruza moved to Dubai to pursue a diploma in Fashion Design from Edexel University UK Under CEE “Centre for Executive Education” in Knowledge Village from where she graduated in the class of ’07. Here she further developed her passion and craft, before moving on to manage several luxury fashion stores.

Speaking about where she draws her inspiration from, Feiruza says, "My designs are inspired by the cultures I've been exposed to. You will find not only Ethiopian flavours but also design elements from India, Dubai and even Egypt. This gives my pieces a fresh twist and stylish look that’s easy to wear and perfectly tailored to women who loves to dress up.”

Whether it’s trendy strapless tube dresses made from woven Habesha fabrics with clever tribal detailing or her imaginative use of feminine accents in lace and asymmetrical cuts, Feiruza’s african clothing designs are one of a kind. If you’re off to a night out in town, an elegant dinner or a high-powered business meeting, there’s always a Finchitua original that’s sure to suit the occasion and turn heads.

Fashion shouldn’t be just about the label you’re wearing but also how you feel when you are wearing it. When you slip into one of Feiruza’s afro chic creations, you can almost hear the rhythms of Africa, the beats of India and the vibrancy of Dubai – this distinctive and colourful mélange is just what Finchitua is about.

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