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Creative Styling Ideas For Your Fave Boho Dress | Finchitua Blog

10 Dec, 2018

5 Stunning Ways to Style Your Boho Dress

Boho-inspired clothing has been popular since the grunge era. And despite the rise of minimalist fashion, it’s still the preferred style among many people.

What’s so great about it?

First of all, it’s colourful. Boho outfits are quite rarely just in one hue. Most hardcore fashionistas simply live for colourful ensembles, whether it’s a palette of neutral tones or a Crayola box of vibrant hues. If nice colour combinations are what they want, they will surely find them in a Boho dress and other pieces.

Secondly, the Boho-style of clothing has fun and playful patterns that give any ensemble massive punch character.

And thirdly, it’s versatile. Boho can be romantic, edgy, and even corporate. There are so many ways that you can style Boho pieces and there’s really no wrong way of doing so because this style, in its truest essence, is quite carefree.

All in all, this style is quite memorable. It always leaves a mark.

One Problem with Memorable Boho Pieces

Here’s a common complaint some folks have about their favourite Boho pieces: They’re too memorable. There are people you meet often who can automatically remind you about the last time you wore a piece.

If you do not mind that, it’s all good. However, if such remarks have an abrasive effect on you, you might want to avoid wearing the piece repeatedly, even if you love how it looks and feels on you.

This should not be a problem if you’re the type that buys new clothes quite often. But if Boho is not just your personal fashion preference, but rather, a way of life, then functional mileage is very likely to be a value that you uphold.

When it comes to getting great use out of your beloved Boho-style items, playful creativity is your friend. Tap into the versatile quality of the style and mix and match to your heart’s content.

5 Different Ways to Style Your Boho Dress

If you have a Boho dress that you want to wear as often as possible, here are five stunning ways to restyle this favourite piece.

1. Switch up your accessories.

This simple style move can create a huge difference in the appeal of the outfit. Dainty accessories like small gold hoop earrings, multiple skinny necklaces of different lengths, a gold watch, plus nude strappy sandals can give your OOTD a “sweet and charming” quality.

Meanwhile, if you opt for long feather earrings, multiple chunky bracelets, and thigh-high boots, the ensemble will have this straight-from-the-‘70s hippie vibe.

2. Layer other Boho pieces over the dress.

As mentioned earlier, you can amp the style in many different ways. Give your dress a stronger dose of Boho feels by adding more similarly styled pieces to it, such as a suede fringe vest or a tribal print denim jacket.

And don’t forget scarves! Take a cue from style icon Lenny Kravitz who is every bit the king of Boho with his many scarves.

3. Alter the shape of the dress.

If your Boho dress is the flowy or billowy type, it probably does not accentuate your womanly shape so much. To make it more figure-flattering, cinch it around the waist with a belt. Stack multiple skinny belts if you want the dress to be a figure-hugger, or use an obi-type sash belt, or even a chunky leather belt.

For a more relaxed fit (meaning you just want to create a “waist” for the dress), use a single skinny belt or sash. The top part of the dress will remain loose and non-constricting, but there’s that nice gathering of the material around your waist.

Another fabulous way to change the shape of the dress is by wearing a pencil skirt over it. This styling technique is all the rage in Paris and a lot of women enjoy the fresh and smart appearance it achieves.

4. Add structure for a more adult or professional look.

Boho dresses take on a more mature and serious feel once you pair them with structured pieces, such as a tailored blazer. But do not hold back on “Boho-ing” up a professional look. Ethnic or tribal-inspired jewellery, feminine chunky sandals, and fringe bags complete a Boho-chic and professional OOTD.

5. Wear the dress as a top or as a skirt.

If your favourite boho dress is short, it can easily work as a top over jeans or a skirt. Just tuck it in to hide the skirt part.

And if the dress is long and the top section has short sleeves or is sleeveless, you can wear a straightforward tee over that. Tie the T-shirt’s hem in a knot (just like the young Donna, played by actress Lily James, did in the movie “Mamma Mia 2”) to make the entire ensemble more figure-flattering. Or, wear a sweater over the dress for that cosy feel on a cold day.

See, there’s no shortage of ways to get more fashionable use out of your Boho dress. If you wish to take things several notches up, experiment with different head wraps, headbands, and hats. Likewise, find new ways of wearing your dress. From a long sleeved one, you can try a hack that can turn it into a bandeau dress or an off the shoulder one.

For more fashion tips, make sure to read Finchitua’s blog. We regularly update the page with fresh content to help you on your style journey.

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September 08, 2023

This blog post was incredibly insightful and brimming with creative ideas! I’ve always been an admirer of Boho clothing online
, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover the multitude of ways to style a single Boho piece. The versatility of Boho fashion is truly unmatched!

Switching up accessories is a game-changer, and it’s amazing how small changes can completely transform the look of a Boho dress. Similarly, layering other Boho pieces over the dress is a creative way to inject more character into the outfit. I can’t wait to try this with my tribal print denim jacket.

Boho clothing encapsulates an artistic, carefree spirit, and this post brilliantly embodies that ethos. I’m eager to incorporate these tips into my styling routine and revitalize my Boho clothing collection. Finchitua’s blog is definitely a treasure trove of fashion advice and inspiration, and I’m bookmarking it for future reference. Thanks for these amazing tips!

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