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From Shirt To Modern Abaya: Great Looks In And Out Of The Office

17 Jan, 2019

3 Hardworking Office-to-Evening Looks

The modern woman knows how to work hard at the office and also have fun in the evening. She balances her professional goals with those for her personal life. And that means that her wardrobe should be as flexible as she is.

The key to building a wardrobe that fits all your needs is to pick versatile pieces. It also helps to be creative. For instance, few would think of incorporating their oversized boyfriend shirt into an office outfit. However, a few professional items of clothing and accessories can turn even a regular shirt into a fierce work ensemble.

Below, we put together three creative office-to-evening outfit ideas for the modern, hardworking woman.

1. “Smart-Casual to Chill Night Out” Look

Let’s go back to that oversized boyfriend shirt. There are several ways you could wear one and still be appropriately dressed for different events in your daily schedule.

On a more relaxed day at the office, you could wear a sweater over an oversized shirt with some dark pants or jeans. Instead of tucking the shirt into your pants, let it hang loose to create the laid-back vibe to your smart-casual attire. You could also fold up the sweater’s sleeves for a similar effect.

As for accessories, a funky collar cuff should do the trick. If you’ve rolled the sleeves up, chunky bracelets will go nicely with the outfit, too. A pair of neutral-colored heels would be an excellent finishing touch.

Throughout your day, you can make interesting adjustments to your outfit. You can try taking off the sweater, keeping the collar cuff on just to maintain a bit of pizzazz, and swapping the heels for flats for a more casual, comfortable look.


Another way to dress up an oversized boyfriend shirt is to tuck it into a pair of pants and wear it with a blazer. Put on some heels, and you're ready for the office.

Ready to socialize after work? Just take off the blazer off and untuck the shirt. Exchange your heels for some sneakers and voila! You’re ready for a chill evening.

2. “Regal Professional to Special Evening” Ensemble

For those who want to add a unique piece to their closet, a modern abaya or robe-like piece might be worth a try. This long, flowy garment adds a regal flair to any look and could be used in both formal and informal outfits.

For a nice, sleek look, wear a form-fitting dress under a modern abaya to the office. Make sure to color-coordinate your dress with the abaya. You can wear the abaya open like a modern kimono or pair it with a belt and cinch it around the waist. Put on some strappy heels and you’re ready to take on the world (or at least, some paperwork!).

After tackling the day’s tasks, you can head out for the evening with someone special without altering the outfit at all. The way an abaya flows is reminiscent of a gown or ankle-length dress (depending on its design), so it’s perfect for a candlelit dinner with your significant other.

You could also try combining your abaya with a pair of pants, a tank top, and heels. Wear it loosely to create a flowy, casual look.

As a third option, you could wear a modern abaya by itself. Simply keep it together with a chunky belt around the waist, and you have yourself a lovely dress.

3. “Comfy Daytime to Fun Girls’ Get-Together” Getup

T-shirts are probably the most underrated item of clothing in anyone’s closet, but they are considered a staple for a reason.

If you’re heading to the office and are in a rush, a T-shirt matched with a pair of slacks and a blazer can be your quick and easy go-to ensemble. Grab a pair of black heels, and you’re ready for work.

After tackling all kinds of responsibilities at the office all day, some women just want to unwind and hang out with their friends. Simply slip off your blazer and you’ll be dressed just right for getting your girls’ night started with your pals.

For a softer, more feminine and no-fuss look, you could also pair a decorative T-shirt with a neutral flowy skirt. Accessorize with a belt around the waist, some hooped earrings, and a small clutch.

Office-to-Evening Outfit Hacks

  • Focus on accessories. Sometimes, all an outfit needs to go from formal to casual is an accessory that lends a pop of color or an eye-catching design detail.
  • Buy versatile dresses. Investing in some basic dresses can open up more options in your wardrobe. For instance, switching a blazer for a denim jacket can take a dress-based outfit from corporate to chill.
  • Keep spare shoes at work. Having an extra pair of casual shoes (like sneakers or sandals) in the office that you can change into is the quickest way to transform your outfit.
  • Change up your hairstyles. Playing with your hair can set the mood for your outfit. Wear an updo at the office and let it down after work for a casual evening.
For a hardworking woman, a versatile wardrobe is a must. Look for pieces that reflect both your professional side and your personal style so you can achieve fabulous looks both in and out of the workplace. Check out our edgy designs at Finchitua and create fun and chic clothing combinations for both work and play.
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