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Top Tips On Urban Street Style | Finchitua Streetwear Blog

30 Oct, 2018

7 Real-World Ways to Rock Urban Street Style

a girl wearing a dress

The streets are now the best place to get fashion inspiration.

Today’s impressively stylish generation has a knack for putting pieces together that demonstrate their individual preferences.

Urban street style comes in all forms and sizes. There’s no limit to the possibilities.

However, if you are having trouble understanding and executing this fashion equation, we have a collection of tips to make street style easier for you. Listed below are seven of our tried and true principles to help you rock urban street style.

1. Kicks go with everything

One of the really cool qualities of urban street style is how your most comfy shoes can complete any ensemble. Kicks or sneakers, particularly those that come in white or black, are fantastic options. They offer the best style mileage and, of course, they make street style more comfortable to have on.

Colourful kicks are also worth considering, especially if you gravitate toward monochromatic ensembles. The splash of vibrant hues on your feet can make ‘safe’ style picks seem edgier.

2. Statement pieces are always worthy investments

A large and chunky necklace, a fringed skirt, a heavily printed Afro-retro dress – all these are pieces worth having in your wardrobe to look street chic. They’re your ‘something different’ even if you are working with traditional silhouettes.

Bolder prints and patterns, loud colours, unique cuts – these are just some of the qualities you should consider when you are looking for statement pieces to wear.

3. ‘Extra’ is the way to go

With urban street style, ‘more is more.’

Therefore, do not be afraid to incorporate more pieces into your ensemble. Yes, to wearing a huge hat (or any hat actually, especially when you have a conservative outfit on). Yes, to turquoise alligator skin ankle boots. Yes, to flamboyant makeup. And yes, to layered accessories.

There is no scrimping when you want to rock the urban street look.

4. Comfort with unexpected pieces

This is something French street style is quite known for.

Women wear beautifully designed footwear (which, by the way, can be found in small boutiques across Paris) with a bit of a heel to complete their look. The footwear design can have big bows, beads, sequins, and other embellishments. They look funky but they don’t ‘kill’ the feet.

Basically, when you try to achieve comfort with unexpected pieces, the idea you are working with is that ‘non-traditional’ pieces can be used to serve the purpose of a typical item of clothing.

Another example is how a Tudor-style jacket can be just as warm as a regular knit cardigan. However, it definitely has an unexpected look and silhouette. You wear it anyway for, while it is a surprising choice, it accomplishes the same job a cardigan would.

5. High-end and thrift is a match made in heaven

Although a lot of people like to wear all designer pieces for their streetwear, more fashion-forward looks are created when high-end meets thrift options. The combination prevents you from looking like everybody else.

Also, when you invest in thrift items, you can end up with a lot of unusual pieces that are no longer available today. These pieces can make your street style completely stand out and hard to replicate.

6. Forget about fashion rules

When you want to rock street style, you need to learn to disregard restricting fashion rules. You must think of street style as an evolving microorganism cultivated by your natural aesthetic leanings, which also change over time. Go with what is visually pleasing to you and what makes you feel good.

Likewise, do not focus on trends too much. Instead, take style inspirations from various places and periods. By doing so, you can create a street style that is not only visually impressive but also personally gratifying.

7. Stop caring about what other people think

Your attitude is actually more important than the clothes you are wearing. And the key to rocking the urban street style is having a firm grasp of what you want and manifesting that through your threads.

It shouldn’t matter if the outfit you are wearing does not flatter your body shape, or the pieces you have on have clashing colours. What truly matters is how you like what you are wearing and how your clothes reflect your personal views and message.

For more styling tips for the fashion forward, Finchitua is ready to educate.

As makers of top quality in-demand African and tribal-inspired clothing, it is our complete delight to discover how far fashion can go as a form of self-expression and source of joy.

On our website, you can also view our latest designs that are among the top fashion picks of the MENA region’s stylish crowd.

So check back here with us at Finchitua.

We regularly come out with fresh content for our streetwear blog to help you become the most stylish version of yourself.

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1 comment

Anna Collins

September 08, 2023

I’ve always loved fashion, so I was thinking of adding more urban streetwear to my wardrobe when I go shopping for new clothes next weekend. It caught my interest when you mentioned getting statement pieces with bolder prints and patterns, loud colors, and unique cuts if we want something unique and street chic. I’ll be sure to follow your tip when I shop for custom urban streetwear this Saturday.

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