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Chic-ify Your Oversized Denim Top And More | Finchitua Blog

10 Jul, 2018

The Edgy Girl's Guide to Chic Accessorising

a girl wearing a dress

People describe you as bold and unafraid. You have no issue with breaking out of conventions to express the real you. This is exactly the reason why, in a crowd, you easily stand out. But sometimes, you find yourself in situations where propriety is a must. You sense the need to calculate and rethink your style to present yourself in the best light.

Rethinking your personal style does not mean abandoning your authentic self. It is about expanding your style picks to create looks that align with the requirements of special or unique situations.

For example, you can still wear that black fringe skirt and oversized denim top you love to the cocktail party you have been invited to. But, you can create a few twists with chic accessories to make them event-appropriate, yet still edgy as how you like your overall look.

And speaking of accessories, these are must-haves for every edgy girl’s style arsenal. You may have already built a huge collection of them. However, if you find it a bit tricky working your accessories into your OOTD (outfit of the day) and making them appropriate for certain events, here is a guide that can certainly help.

Give classic pieces an edgy touch

Timeless accessories like pearl necklaces and brooches are perfect on their own. But if you want to inject your fun personality into them so they go with your tried and true look, customise them or come up with different ways to wear them.

For a pearl necklace, cover the clasp with your favourite steampunk-style pin to align the classic piece with your personality. Or if you have gorgeous vintage brooches, cluster them on your top with a few of the casual pins that you like.

Accessorise your hats

One of the quickest ways to elevate an outfit is by wearing a hat. The problem is, hats can look too generic at times. A black beret, for example, can automatically make you look like you are aiming for a Parisian vibe. If this is not really the look you are going for, spice it up with a pin (or two) that you like.

With this accessorising tactic, the beret ceases to be just a French touch to your overall look. It becomes the accessory that beautifully reflects your fashion style.

Do not overlook the value of belts

There is nothing like a good belt to change the silhouette and appeal of an outfit. A thick obi-style belt, for instance, can quickly transform a billowy caftan style dress into a sleek and sexy one. It can cinch the waist and highlight your curves.

Also, do not limit yourself to just one belt. It is quite trendy to layer belts these days. Multiple colourful skinny belts can replicate the cinching ability of a thick belt and, at the same time, they can make any dress more visually interesting.

Want to take things up a notch with multiple belts? Attach different kinds of brooches to every belt and achieve a style of belt never seen anywhere before.

Layer your jewellery

Edgy girls rarely go for simple, right? Therefore, if you have accessories that look rather blah on their own, combining them with other simple pieces in your collection can achieve a style that would be more to your liking.

Say, you still have minimalist skinny rings. You can use them as stacking rings to create a bolder style. You may even use them as spacers for chunky rings for stacking.

You can do the same with necklaces and bracelets to give a Boho-chic vibe to any getup.

Also, when you layer your jewellery, do not hesitate to mix metals and other materials. Wooden bangles can beautifully go with silver, gold, brass and even stones. The principles to uphold when doing this, though, are to take note of proportions and make sure there is a unifying element to the layered jewellery. It is best if your arm candies do not look too “busy.”

Build a collection of scarves and bandanas

These often rectangular-shaped pieces of cloth accessories offer a vast range of styling possibilities. You can use one as a belt, a headpiece, a bracelet, a wrap, a bag ornament and in many other ways to fashionably set yourself apart.

Do not forget eyewear

Prescription eyewear and sunglasses can contribute so much to any look. A pair of Wayfarers can easily turn a classic getup into a cool and edgy one. Meanwhile, a pair of cat-eye spectacles can give rocker-chic denim and leather ensemble that cute-scholarly flair.

Different styles of eyewear can do so much in elevating your look. More importantly, they provide protection to your eyes, and you can get some of the funkiest specs at affordable prices.

Chic accessorising is a huge game-changer for style. It’s a little tricky at first, but if you follow the guide provided here, you will get the hang of it in no time. Soon, achieving your best look for any occasion with the help of accessories will be a breeze.

For more tips on how to create top styles, check back in on this blog. We regularly put out content to help you live your most fashionable life every day.

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