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Go Tribal Chic With Tribal Prints This Season | Finchitua Blog

06 Feb, 2018

How to Amp Up Your Style With Tribal Prints

model posing in colourful African tribal print headpiece, boob tube and jeans

For those into fashion, this season is all about prints. Designers and contemporary fashion brands are showing more bright and vibrant prints than ever before. Indeed, a breath of fresh air for the upcoming months!

While patterns and prints have long been a favourite choice for women who want to stand out and make a statement, this season, challenge yourself to incorporate tribal prints into your look.

From your Aztec, floral and fauna prints to your geometric shapes, tribal patterns are beautiful. Here is an assortment of ways to amp up your style with tribal prints.

1. Let the tribal motif be the focus of your overall look.

When styling your tribal piece, let the vibrant patterns, textures, and colours be the focus. You don't want to overwhelm your ensemble. Keep your accessories muted and neutral to ensure you look chic and polished.

While mixing prints is indeed in style, when it comes to tribal prints, it is better to let them be the centre of your overall look.

2. Practice moderation and cultural courtesy.

When wearing tribal prints, it is imperative that you wear them moderately and respectfully, which means not pairing them with moccasins, feather earrings, a fringe vest, and/or a turquoise statement necklace. Cultural appropriation is never chic.

Instead, focus on adding texture to your outfit. The shapes and movements of tribal prints look incredible when paired with faux fur, leather and suede.

3. Start with accessories.

True for all print trends, if you are unsure about investing in a piece, start by sampling a bag or a scarf in a tribal print to see how it fits in with the current pieces in your closet. In fact, a tribal print scarf is a great buy, as it is not only stylish but can also be large enough to double as a blanket, or wrap around yourself as a cardigan, or function as a belt.

Additionally, pair a chunky statement necklace with an understated outfit or opt for a colourful beaded belt to add a pop of colour to your fashion ensemble.

4. Be open to all colourways.

Now, if the bright colours of tribal prints discourage you from even trying them out, don't fret. These prints also come in a variety of muted tones which you may find more to your liking.

Many designers (such as Valentino and Isabel Marant) have sent more muted, darkened palettes of dark blues, blacks, and gorgeous pastels down their fashion runways — to great effect.

Styling ideas

  • If you choose a tribal print dress…

One of the easiest ways to wear prints is to throw on a tribal dress. You can find a range of versatile dresses in a rainbow of colours and an assortment of designs.

Once you have shopped around and had a look at our Afro Chic collections, you can snag the right dress for you. And then all you have to do is pair it with the appropriate shoes and accessories, and you are good to go!

  • If you choose a tribal print romper or jumpsuit…

Similar to dresses, rompers and jumpsuits are easy to wear and style because they are one-pieces. Again, these can be found in a variety of styles and colours. Pair a casual one with flat sandals for a low-key daytime outfit. Alternatively, if you purchase a sleeker, more form-fitting jumpsuit, pair it with heels for a night out with the girls.

If you are looking for comfort (as well as style), opt for a tribal print romper or jumpsuit in breathable fabric.

  • If you choose a pair of tribal pants or skirt…

If an all-in-one tribal outfit is a little too much for you, then opt for some tribal pants. When it comes to styling them, pair them with a solid, coloured top, which is a fashion rule that holds true for all printed pants and skirts.

Ensure that the colour of your shirt is also included in the print of your pants. For example, if you are wearing red and blue tribal pants, choose a red top. Or if pink is the primary colour that stands out, then opt for a pink shirt. Remember, it’s all about balance.

model showcasing flowing african headpiece, tribal green shirt and orange pants against wooden wagon wheel

Furthermore, accentuate the rustic vibe of your skirt or pants by pairing them with combat, leather, or Sherpa boots.

Anyone can incorporate the tribal trend into their wardrobes to amp up their street style. And, as fashion bloggers and Instagram It-girls have been wearing this print for a long time, there are plenty of places online for you to scope out further inspiration. Additionally, keep tabs on the best streetwear online shopping websites for ideas on how to style new pieces.

That being said, while you are considering these tips, always wear what feels right to you! Add a little sprinkle of your personal style to your tribal ensemble to put your own spin on the carefree trend.

What do you think about this trend? Have you bought any tribal print pieces recently and how do you envision yourself styling them?  Leave us a comment, and tell us what you think!

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