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Must-Try Unique Women’s Denim Styles | Finchitua Blog

20 Mar, 2018

5 Genius Denim Style Ideas You Haven't Tried Yet

2 female models in afro chic denim outfits by Finchitua

Take a break from your usual denim routine! After all, aside from the basic (but cool and terrific) women’s denim dress, there are other styles now available in the market for you to pick. So why stick to your usual wardrobe when you can rock something new?

To get the most out of this timeless fashion piece, try these genius denim style ideas to revamp your look.

1. Denim Jumpsuit

If you’re looking for a one-piece design that you can rock on those casual days, a denim jumpsuit is the most effortless piece that you can wear. From a comfy look to a blatantly sexy style, a jumpsuit is great for keeping your casual street look natural.

It’s not the most versatile garb in your wardrobe, but there are many styling tricks you can integrate to make this outfit perfect.

  • Pick a perfect denim jumpsuit color that suits you.
  • Keep it smooth and simple by allowing your “get-up structure” to make a statement. Opt for jumpsuits with a boxy silhouette, acid-washed designs, and creative pockets.
  • Pointy mules, canvas sneakers, loafers, slip-on sneakers, and oxfords are great. But going for something with heels won’t hurt. In fact, heels will save your denim jumpsuit from looking shabby and sloppy.

2. Tie-up Denim Shirt

A traditional tie-up denim shirt is a classic outfit that can work as a crop top or as a layer over your maxi dress. This is perfect for adding an extra layer of style or warmth on your basic outfits. With its easy breezy style, you can effortlessly rock this outfit as your streetwear.

Some styling tips you can follow with this fashion piece:

  • Spruce up your solid-colored or basic striped maxi dress by tying a denim shirt over it.
  • For high-waist skirts, tie up your denim shirt at the waist.
  • Use your tie-up denim shirt as a crop top and pair it with white jeans to strike a contrast.

3. Denim Long Skirt

Denim long skirts are now back in style. When it’s hot or cold, denim skirts are perfect for any season.

You can also wear them for any occasion. These long skirts will work well for formal occasions where you would like to look smart and trendy. The key is to mix it up with pattern, texture, and color.

To have a standout OOTD with your denim long skirt, follow these tips:

  • For a modern and fresh look, choose a denim long skirt which is free of extra details (frays, tiers, or buttons). Pick one that is a little form-fitting as well.
  • A denim long skirt with a front slit will shake up a modest style. Pair it up with a tucked-in top and avoid anything loose.
  • To make a denim long skirt appear smart, pair it with cute shoes and accessories to complete the look.

4. Kimono-inspired Denim

A kimono is a perfect layering piece not just for summer but for your everyday wear. It’s not just for creating a casual look because you can also style it with elegant dresses and combos. If you’re looking to stand-out from the crowd, a front open, kimono-inspired Bisht denim long dress is the best choice.

Some styling tips to follow with this fashion piece are:

  • Pair it with fitted dresses, short tees, crop tops, etc. With this versatile piece, there are many style ideas you can come up with.
  • To add a bit of “posh” to your jeans, put a kimono-inspired denim over it.
  • If you have a strapless dress that you’d like to cover up, placing a kimono-inspired denim over it will remove the chill and add some modesty.

African model in blue denim jumpsuit with colourful accessories

5. Double Denim

When done right, a double denim outfit will make you look like a supermodel. The basic rule for styling a double denim is to make sure that the colors and washes are different from each other.

Here are some tricks you shouldn’t ignore to avoid wandering off range when rocking this denim style.

  • Pair a light washed blue denim shirt or jacket with black, dark blue or grey jeans. You may also do it the other way by wearing dark washes on top and lighter shade on the bottom.
  • If you only have similar denim shades, you can make it work by adding some accessories. Wear a printed jumper or sweater with your denim jacket and some daring shoes. The important thing is to mix up the denim with other color and fabrics to draw the attention away from the single color of both denim.
  • For something trendier, highlight double denim by tying a denim shirt around your waist so that it falls over your shorts or skinny jeans.
  • Make sure that your denim pieces fit you like a dream. Pairing baggy jeans and an ill-fitted shirt together will not be a good look.

Nothing can compare to the elegance and versatility of denim. You can wear it a million times in so many different ways — which makes it a permanent staple in everyone’s wardrobe. There’s no question why this denim trend has been here forever.

Now, if you want to have denim pieces that are easy to style and are already interesting on their own, take a look through the Finchitua collections. You will find a variety of trendy, classic, and fascinating African-inspired denim outfits that you will love to wear.
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