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Celebrating Unique Style With Confidence | Finchitua Blog

29 May, 2018

How to Stand Out and Confidently Celebrate Your Unique Style

a girl wearing a dress

Celebrity stylist to the stars, Rachel Zoe said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” This is one amazing and accurate adage that everybody should live by. Unfortunately, most people have such a strong herd mentality that it is rather difficult for them to let their uniqueness shine.

But, if you are done with looking like everybody else and you want to celebrate you, here’s the good news – stylishly standing out from the crowd is actually not that difficult. You don’t even need to overhaul your wardrobe or buy a bunch of expensive pieces.

The only thing that you really need to do is work with what you have in unexpectedly creative and graceful ways. Here are some ideas on how to go about it.

1. Wear your favourite pieces differently every time.

When you already love a clothing piece, explore the different styles you can create with it. For example, the colourful kurta style shirt you enjoy wearing on nights out with friends. With its special cut, you can wear it in a number of fun ways:

  • As a “mullet” top

    Tie the front and keep it short and let the back loose. This mullet or high-low look is going to have a boho-chic vibe perfect for an effortless look.

  • As a dress

    Wear a leather obi-type belt and just let the shirt down to its full length. You can wear tights to cover up your legs or layer the shirt over a poufy skirt to give the bottom a more voluminous silhouette.

  • As a wrap-around top

    Crisscross the front flaps of the shirt across your body for a figure-hugging blouse.

  • As a “coat”

    Wear the shirt over a fitted dress as a layering piece to make the dress you have on seem more modest and, at the same time, more interesting.

2. Accessorise

It is often the little details that you put into your outfit that can really make you stand out. A statement necklace, a scarf, a pocket square, or a brooch can take a typical outfit to a whole new level of sophistication.

Also, don’t be afraid to go a little “extra.” Say, you have a collection of lovely brooches, you don’t have to wear just one for your outfit. Pick two or three more of the pins you fancy that you can pair with each other.

This calculated move is a clever way to show off your personality because you are incorporating carefully chosen pieces into your base ensemble that somehow say something about you.

3. Use bright colours

There’s nothing like a pop of colour to make you stand out or take an outfit from blah to brilliant.

For instance, you have a tried and true white flowing dress that is your beloved go-to for days that you want to feel feminine and the days that you cannot be bothered to plan an ensemble to wear. You can make it less basic with bright colours. Here are some ideas:

  • Wear a bright fuchsia sash for a belt
  • Wear floral-printed shoes.
  • Experiment with makeup because it’s a simple color change that can have a huge impact.
    • For a thick cat eye, instead of using the typical black liner, try teal instead.
    • Or, sweep the sparkliest gold eyeshadow you have across your eyelids.

This easy tactic can make you stand out big time especially in a social event (such as an all-black party) where everybody is basically wearing the same thing.

4. Give your hair extra styling care

Your crowning glory is truly useful in setting your personal style apart. If you have long hair, there are numerous styles that can experiment with just like Zendaya. But if your hair is short, it will be easier to create a signature style a la Anna Wintour.

Do not overlook the power of styled hair because it can do wonders for your overall look as well as how other people perceive you as a person.

5. Most importantly, let your personality through

Clothing and makeup are just things. However, when someone who is not afraid to be herself and to show herself wears them, they become more valuable as style elements.

Creating a memorable style is impossible if one’s attitude or personality does not come into play. So, be unapologetically you – wear your height, mind your manners toward others, and demonstrate your values. The way you conduct yourself is the most powerful style component there is.

The bottom line here is, an impeccable style is truly only achieved by embracing who you are and using pieces that will allow you to creatively display your personality.

When you are able to let who you genuinely are shine through whatever you put on your body, the imprint you leave in the minds of others will definitely be deeper. You can bet that people whom you encounter will not just remember you as the lady in the white dress; you will be remembered as that lady in the white dress.

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